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Guarantee Policy

PrepLeaders has helped thousands of students pass a wide variety of certification and standardized tests. Our quality test preparation material is prepared by teams who possess the best expertise in the educational training industry. Our experts have tens of years of experience in coaching students. PrepLeaders’ test preparation products give students the confidence and experience to pass even the most difficult vendor exam on their first attempt!

PrepLeaders’ educational software packages offer a variety of tools like practice tests, exam guides, educational CDs and online training. Our packages provide the most in-depth preparation to help you ace any professional exam. Designed by experienced trainers, PrepLeaders’ preparatory software is up-to-date and the best in the industry. PrepLeaders is proud to offer a money back guarantee on all of our online practice exam packages. PrepLeaders guarantees that you will pass your standardized test or certification exam with our online test preparation practice tests.

PrepLeaders Exam Pass Guarantee Policy


We guarantee you will pass your standardized test or certification exam by using our online practice tests. If you pass our online practice tests with a minimum average score of 95% on at least 10 tests, but subsequently fail to pass your standardized test or certification exam at an authorized testing center on more than one attempt and within 90 days of purchasing our products, then we will refund your money, minus a small restocking fee. You may claim a refund by first providing a copy of your examination score report. We will compare these scores with your scores on our online practice tests, which you completed on our site. If all examination reports and scores are proved authentic, we will refund your money within seven days after our confirmation date.

Money Back Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  • PrepLeaders’ money back guarantee applies only to our Online Practice Tests. PrepLeaders diligently stays current with any changes made to vendor exams, and we consistently implement every necessary update to our test preparation material. We offer the latest test versions on our website and through email notification. When changes to vendor exams are announced, PrepLeaders updates our practice exams within 2-4 weeks of receiving notice from vendors. We guarantee our online practice tests are the latest available versions, which ensures we give you the best possible exam simulation experience. Our goal always is to make sure you pass your intended examination.
  • The PrepLeaders money back guarantee does not apply to practice tests taken on CDs or on hard copies. The authenticity of these practice tests is nearly impossible to validate.
  • The PrepLeaders money back guarantee does not apply to our FREE online practice tests, in situations where you purchased products that are not related to your actual exam, failing an examination after 90 days of purchasing our practice tests, or failing an examination within 3 weeks of purchasing our products. Additionally, you must be the individual who purchased our product to be eligible for a refund.

To claim a refund, you must submit to PrepLeaders your confirmation receipt for your purchased product, copy of your failed examination’s scores report and evidence of your scores on our online practice exams. For additional information or to submit a question, please email us at